The 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment serves as inspiration for an artistic exploration of contemporary perspectives and movements in women’s rights. This historic centennial is an exceptional opportunity to honor a milestone of democracy and to explore its relevance to the continuous fight for equal rights.


With a focus on gender inequality, (DIS)OBEDIENT offers commentary from wage disparities and exploitative advertising to under-representation in the art world; and explores notions of feminism, redefined through the presentation of multi-disciplinary works, including visual and performing arts. 

2016 - 2019

Season Preview Exhibition | ArtServe. Sep 2019

HOME | ArtServe. Aug 2019

Reflect: Healing Through Art | ArtServe. May 2019

Frank Contemporaries | The Frank in Pembroke Pines in collaboration with  ArtServe. May 2019

IMPRESSIONS | Bonnet House Museum in Collaboration with  ArtServe. March 2019

Underneath the Veil | ArtServe.  Feb 2019

ArtBravo Juried Exhibit | ArtServe. Feb 2019

Femme in Depth | ArtServe in Partnership with Holy Cross Women's Center, Fort Lauderdale. Feb 2019

Affirmation | ArtServe in Partnership with Urban League, Fort Lauderdale. Dec 2018

PRISM W Collection | ArtServe in Partnership with the W Hotel, Fort Lauderdale. Nov 2018

DREAMERS | ArtServe in Partnership with Miramar Cultural Center. Nov 2018

True Colors Exhibition & ArtChat with Larry Farrell | ArtServe. Oct 2018

Jeniffer Haley: Imaginary Conversations | Village Design Gallery. April  2018

Arts des Femmes Exhibition | Village Design Gallery. April 2018

Arts des Femmes Exhibition | Village Design Gallery. March 2018

Lena Luckey and Sandra Encaoua | Village Design Gallery. Feb 2018

All Colors, All Colors with Carolina Sitterson, Doris Araujo and Alexandra Cerutti | Village Design Gallery. Jan 2018

CONTRAPOSITION Art Exhibition, a Collaboration between Marcella Novotny and Sophie Bonet | Village Design Gallery. Dec 2017

Group Exhibition:  Village Design & Xaman Projects Collaboration | Village Design Gallery. Nov 2017

Landscapes with Lisa dai Jacobs and Gabriela Esquivel | Village Design Gallery. Oct 2017

Photography Art Show: Rick McCawley, Maria Saenz Briones and Daniela Lozano | Village Design Gallery. Sept 2017

Collective Miami Art Exhibition: Rei Ramirez, Art Stone, Marilyn Bianco and Maria Saenz Briones | Village Design. Aug 2017

Female Local Artists Exhibition: Florencia Clement, Paloma Duenas and Gabriela Esquivel | Village Design Gallery. July 2017

Color Synthesis Group Exhibition: Josafat Miranda and Ignacio Larrique | Village Design Gallery. Mar 2017

Cafecito with The Ladies: Tony Mendoza - Solo Exhibition | Village Design Gallery. Feb 2017

Green?" Marcella Novotny | Village Design Gallery. Jan 2017

The Inevitable Search for the Unattainable| Village Design Gallery. Dec 2016


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