my art.


The concept behind my work originated from my inquietude in relation to symbols – their nature, function and its reference to the reality of building a vision of the world.

My urge for expression comes from the most basic idea to identify the “divinity” of the self. It leads me through a creative process that portrays my journey and development not only as an artist but as a human and spiritual being.



Art is a kind of alchemy, and I find redemption through creation.



Elements from mystical and anthropological nature define the aesthetic of my compositions. I expose the human figure as a representation of the “vehicle” that travels through different stages of consciousness and existence in a search for answers to our most intimate and primal formulations. 

It is one way to identify myself in a collective context: where the female archetype represents the maximum expression for beauty and fertility. It brings my approach and fascination for the feminine aspect of life in conjunction with nature.



I approach art through open experimentation of the media and refine my visual and conceptual vocabulary by manipulating non-conventional photographic techniques.


My photograms are photographic images made without a camera. The technique consists of placing elements directly onto the surface of a photosensitive material, such as photographic paper and then exposing it to light. They are then developed by the traditional process used for black and white photography.



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